About Us

The East Anglian Air Ambulance: Serving the people of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk

Since its inception in 2000, the East Anglian Air Ambulance has provided a 365-days-a-year service covering the 5,000 sq. miles of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. It is now the second busiest air ambulance in the country, flying an average of four missions per day. It is our job to get patients to a hospital right away, and in an air ambulance, that journey will take only minutes, greatly increasing patients’ chances of making a full recovery.

We need an air ambulance more than ever in East Anglia. Our roads are getting increasingly congested, leading to ever more road traffic accidents, which already make up more than half of our work. We are considered the most rural area in England with accidents occurring in remote locations not easily accessible by land ambulances.

Air ambulances can make a crucial difference in a medical emergency. The helicopter’s speed and its ability to access remote areas make it an ideal solution to the particular problems posed by our region.

In the medical practice, a patient’s chances of survival are far greater if they reach a hospital within one hour. Anglia One gets the paramedic on scene fast, the patient to a hospital fast, and frees up land ambulances for front-line work.