How to Make a Donation

Anglia One relies solely on charitable donations to operate – it is the people of East Anglia who keep it in the skies.

Play the East Anglian Air Ambulance Lottery

Play the East Anglian Air Ambulance lottery. For a weekly outlay of just £1, members of the lottery will have the chance to win cash prizes, which will grow as the membership grows, with a target weekly top prize of £1,000!


Find out how your used stamps, old mobile phones, and toner cartridges can all raise money for us.

Leave a Legacy in your will

One of the advantages to you of leaving a gift to a charity like the East Anglian Air Ambulance is that the money is taken out of the estate before inheritance tax is assessed, so by including us in your Will you can both reduce or avoid tax.

Corporate Sponsorship

Speak to the Business Development Manager to find out how your business can benefit from an association with the East Anglian Air Ambulance like many other businesses in the region.


We have just signed up with a new cause-related search engine that donates 50% of all revenue they earn to a charity. The users of the site dictate which charity they want the money to go to.

Once you have registered acts just like any other search engine, you perform a search and when the returned sites appear with a banner or other advertising the site receives a fee which they will then split 50/50 with us.

When you register you will be prompted to choose a charity. Click on ‘E’ and then select East Anglian Air Ambulance as your charity of choice. It should then automatically recognize your computer each time you go back on the site. If you wish you can choose to have as your home page but I know you will all have as your home page and would never want to change that!!

Pennies From Heaven

Easy way to donate money as you never notice the missing pennies.


We have teamed up with so all our runners & events participants can raise money quickly and easily online with their own personalized webpages.

Anyone can build a page in minutes – you don’t need any technical expertise! Simply email your page to friends and family around the world and they can sponsor you online with a credit or debit card.

No more running around with paper sponsorship forms, or chasing cheques and cash after your event. What’s more, Justgiving reclaims 28% Gift Aid on all donations from UK taxpayers.

To set up your page today visit:

Suffolk Show DVD

The Suffolk Agricultural Association celebrated their 175th Anniversary in 2006. The Suffolk Show is held at Ipswich and is recognized as one of the leading county shows in the UK.

A film was recorded over 4 years and made into a DVD. £1.00 from every copy sold goes to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.