ICE Contact App: Your Lifesaver in Case of an Emergency

If you were seriously injured in an accident, how would the emergency services know how to tell your nearest and dearest what had happened? Everyone hopes a serious accident or emergency is something that will never happen, and that’s why so few people carry details with them of who should be contacted in such circumstances.

However, there is a simple, yet effective, way to ensure someone is contacted as early as possible. Many, if not most, people though, do carry a mobile phone and that is the most obvious way of carrying contact details of someone close.

What is the ICE Contact app?
ICE – which stands for In Case of Emergency – is a safety app that people can download on their phones, along with details of someone they would like contacted in such circumstances. The idea is being supported by Vodafone, whose own research showed that 75% of people carry no such information.

Why do you need ICE on your phone?
For medics and police officers who are attending to a shocked or injured person, it’s difficult to know who to call. Someone might have “mum” in his phone book, but that may not mean he would want his mother contacted in an emergency.

When the benefit of the air ambulance is that the casualty can reach a hospital in minutes, it makes it so much worse if it then takes hours to contact their family. At any such incident, the role of the paramedics is always to ensure the patient is receiving the critical care they need, and a medic would not put trawling through a mobile phone above treating a casualty.

But other emergency services at the scene, police officers being obvious candidates, could look for the ICE contact.

Research suggests people recover quicker from the psychological effects of their loved one being hurt if they are involved at an earlier stage and they can reach them quickly. So it pays to download the app on your smartphone now before an emergency could actually happen.

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