The Aircraft

Serving East Anglia

The East Anglian Air Ambulance, code name Anglia One, is currently a Bolkow 105DBS5 Helicopter adapted as an ambulance that aims to provide an air ambulance service for the people of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

A life-saving resource

With a top cruise speed of 132 miles per hour, Anglia One reaches patients quickly delivering high level, clinical care to patients in the field. It can then transport them to the hospital within minutes, making it an extra life-saving resource in our region.

Every penny counts

Anglia One consists of a pilot and two highly skilled paramedics, or a doctor and a paramedic. The helicopter is equipped with a special stretcher, defibrillator/multi-monitor for checking blood pressure and oxygen in the blood, twelve lead ECG and Respiratory ventilator. The equipment is extensive and running costs are high.

Yet the air ambulance receives no government or national lottery funding and is totally dependent on your generous sponsorship and fundraising to keep Anglia One operational.

The Facts

Started operations January 2001
Operational area 5,000 square miles
The population of area 2.5 million
4 pilots, 15 paramedics, 4 volunteer doctors

Second busiest air ambulance in 2003
7 days a week, 365 days a year
4 missions flown per day on average
Average incident transit time 13 minutes

Missions were flown as a percentage
RTIs 53%, Medical Emergencies 18%
Falls 8%, Collapses 5%, Sports 5%
Equestrian 3%, Farming 3%, Other 6%

Running costs over £65,000 per month
Operating a 25-year-old Bolkow 105DBS5
No government or national lottery funding
Funded entirely by public donation

The future

Our next major project is to upgrade our helicopter to provide increased capacity. The new helicopter will require an investment of at least £2.5 million.